Advertise with TNOTA

TNOTA welcomes organizations and individuals who would like to advertise on our website.  In addition to advertising, we also post information about upcoming events, products or services you offer to Tennessee OT practitioners, Continuing Education offerings, recruiting or job postings.  Individual Memberships are not eligible for advertising free or at a discount rate.


  1. All postings must be approved by TNOTA.
  2. Brochure(s), artwork, program outline(s), and/or handout(s), must accompany the application for review and possible approval by TNOTA.
  3. A hot link must be provided for each posting, ready to go. A brief description of 100 words or less must be provided with the link.
  4. If approved, the posting will be on the TNOTA website for 30 days. You will be notified of approval by return e-mail within a week of your request.
  5. Postings and/or advertisements of any type are neither an endorsement nor a sponsorship by TNOTA.  TNOTA does not approve continuing education courses for TN licensure. Non-contiguous events are considered separate events for fee purposes.


  • Individual Members: $150 per 30-day advertisement or posting.

All fees must be received prior to actual website posting.

Advertising Application Form

All advertising requests must be approved by the TNOTA Board of Directors.
  • Enter the wording of your ad exactly as TOTA will use it (100 words or less). TOTA will NOT edit for content, grammar, or spelling.
    If yes, TOTA will contact you as opportunities arise.
  • Payment Information

    Each 30 days of advertising is $150
    If paying by check, please mail to: Joyce McDaniel, Association Administrator PO Box 198126 Nashville, TN 37219