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Feeding and Swallowing in the NICU: Assessment, Intervention, and Transition Home
August 4-5, 2017 Nashville, TN

This seminar will cover sub system analysis, swallowing safety and function, appropriate and effective therapeutic interventions, family/caregiver engagement and discharge planning. Infant’s communication skills, positioning, pre-feeding skills, bottle and breast feeding, and feeding in palliative care will also be discussed. Interactive lectures, videos, case studies, demonstrations and labs will be used to further expand learning opportunities and empower participants as feeding therapists with this fragile population in the NICU and beyond. 

To register or for more information contact CIAO Seminars 850-916-8886 orhttps://www.ciaoseminars.com/courseDetail.cfm?eventID=12577&oid=3749&evd=1&ctid=2

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